Keeping Your Feet Healthy On Your Adventures

Whether you’re heading out on a trail for a day hike, planning to run an adventure race, or through hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, there is only one way to have a great time on the trail, and that’s to make sure your feet are happy. Today’s Daily Dose over at is dedicated to taking care of your feet.

The article is designed for adventure racers and ultramarathoners, athletes who abuse their feet on a regular basis. However, I think there is a lot of good advice for all of us who head out to trails on a regular basis, and abuse our feet in our own way. You’ll find some good tips for avoiding blisters, selecting proper socks, and of course, it wouldn’t be the Gear Junkie without some unique socks. Finally, it’s also about picking out some good shoes. Shoes that are comfortable, fit right, and are appropriate to the sport or activity.

As I said, the article certainly is slanted towards adventure racing and ultra-runners, but there is still some good advice in there. Not the least of which, is take care of your feet on the trail, mountain, or road, and the rest of your adventure will go much more smoothly.

Kraig Becker

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