Mission Complete for the Crazy Kayaker!

According to this post over at the Backcountry Blog, the Crazy Kayaker has completed his paddle of the length of the Mississippi River.

Jacob van der Merwe set off from Minneapolis back in May, and now, 59 days later, his trip has come to an end, as he pulled his kayak out of the water not far from the French Quarter in New Orleans. All told, he paddled 1,704 miles, 1,467 of which came on his last 23 days.

I found his comments interesting about the lower half of the Mississippi. Jacob says that between Cairo, IL and Baton Rouge, LA, the Mighty Mississippi is still a wild and untamed river, with few people or towns on the water. He even boldly claims it’s “wilder in some places now than it was 100 years ago”, which I find fascinating.

I know that Jacob intends to write a book on his adventures along the river, and it should be a great read for anyone who has dreamed of an epic paddle like this one. But for now, he recommends keeping an eye on his blog and his online photo album as he intends to updated both with more content soon. Congrats on a job well done Jacob, can’t wait to read more about your experiences.

Kraig Becker

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