New Seven Summits Record! is reporting that there is a new speed record for the Seven Summits. Irish climber Ian Mc Keever finished the Seven Summits in just 156 days, beating the previous record holder by more than a month. Ian completed his quest by topping out on Denali this past Saturday.

Even more impressive, the article reports that he just started climbing last year. He began his Seven Summits climb in January, reaching the summit of Vinson on the 25th of that month. He went on to summit Aconcagua on February 11, Kilimanjaro on March 3, Carstensz Pyramid on March 16, Everest on May 16, Elbrus on May 31 and finally finishing up on Denali.

Looking at the list, obviously he went with the Carstensz Pyramid version of the Seven Summits, which is widely considered the harder version. No word on if he’ll go for Kosciuszko too just to be sure he checks it off his list, but I would imagine it would be a simple walk in the park after the other mountains on his list.

Congratulations Ian! Well done!

Kraig Becker

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  1. I’m his same age, and I still get tired of thinking about it. Can you imagine climbing all those mountains in the past six months? Very impressive!

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