The Planet Ice Project Goes To Everest

I’ve posted about The Planet Ice Project in the past. It’s the two year long project created by writer and photographer James Martin, who is traveling to remote regions all over the Planet to measure the effects of global warming on the snow and ice of those regions. He’s already visited Antarctica, then moved on to the Mountains of the Moon, and Kilimanjaro as part of the study.

The latest stop on his adventure is Mount Everest where he is told about the retreating glaciers and the thinning of the ice in the Khumbu Icefall. This entry into his journals, which are hosted at is more about the journey to Everest Base Camp than it is about the project itself. He’s saving his finding for the book he’ll inevitably write when the project is done. But still, it offers a nice glimpse into the trek to Everest, along trails bounded by mountains, through small villages, and staying in tea houses along the way. You’ll likely want to pack your backpack and head out on that trail yourself after reading this. My word of advice is to wait until the Monsoon passes however.

Kraig Becker

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