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I caught a couple of interesting items regarding Primal Quest today while I was reading the Yak Blog over at As I noted last week, we’re still nearly a year away from the race, but the new leadership for PQ seems intent on building buzz and keeping the race at the fore front of the adventure racing community.

The first thing of note is that they have expanded the field from 75 teams to 90, due to the incredible demand to participate in the event. When they opened registration a few weeks back, they were sold out in a matter of hours, even at the newly raised entry fee rates. You’ll also notice that the first 79 teams have been announced on the PQ website. First on the list? Team Nike of course!

The other interesting nugget comes from an article in the Billings Gazette which speculates that Montana may be the host state for next year’s race. PQ CEO Don Mann is set to meet with State officials to discuss bring the expedition length race to Big Sky Country early next week. Of course, we’re still probably months away from an official announcement of the location, but it’s interesting to see where they might be headed, and what possible locations and challenges will await the teams.

Expanding the number of teams in the event demonstrates how popular PQ has become. In recent years it’s been the Super Bowl of Adventure Racing, and the new management team are hoping to keep it that way. Lets just hope it gets back on track to continue having a race every year. As for holding it in Montana, I think that sounds like a great idea. There are plenty of interesting place there to hold an exciting race, and to my knowledge there has never been a major adventure race held in that state. There is tons of untapped potential there. I can’t wait to see what those crazy course designers will come up with.

Kraig Becker

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