The Rest of Everest: Episode 53

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The climb may be over for The Rest of Everest video podcast but that doesn’t mean the story is at an end, as you’ll see in the latest episode entitled Safe and Sound.

The highlight of this episode is listening to climber Ben Clark debrief Jon and the rest of the support team about the climb and what it was like to finally reach the summit. He talks about how cold it was in the tent the night before Summit Day, and then again on the way to the top. The weather on the way up wasn’t all that cooperative either, as other teams were turning back from the Second Step that day as well. It’s always interesting to listen to someone, who has just returned from their climb, sit back and reflect on seeing the culmination of their efforts pay off. This is one such opportunity and it shouldn’t be missed.

One of the better stories is how Ben stopped cached some of his gear at the bottom of the Second Step to lighten his load to the summit. His intention was to reclaim the gear on the way down but on his return he found that someone had swiped his ice axe! It seems crazy that someone would pull such a stunt on Everest, but it happens, and more often then you might expect. But the story doesn’t end there as it turns out the axe was returned to him nearly a year and a half later.

There will be no new episode next week, as Jon is off on a much deserved vacation. So sit tight, and we’ll all get another epiosde in two weeks.

Kraig Becker

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