Rock Climber Michael Reardon Believed Dead

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Both The Adventurist and The GoBlog are reporting that American rock climber Michael Reardon is missing and feared dead after a freak accident on Friday in which he was caught by a powerful wave, and swept out to see following a climb.

Reardon had just down-climbed a 600 foot face of the Fogher Cliffs on Valentia Island in Ireland when paused to have his picture taken by a photographer who was documenting the climb. Nearby, the Atlantic Ocean crashed against the rock faces. While perched on this ledge, triumphant in the moment, a large wave swept up, knocking him off his feet and sweeping him out to see in a matter of moments. He was last seen several hundred feet from shore.

Over the weekend, the Irish Coast Guard conducted an extensive search of the area, but found no sign of Reardon. He is believed to have been swept out to see by the powerful currents, and lost. You can read more of the story in this article at the Times Online.

My sincerest condolences go out to Michaelโ€™s family, especially his wife wife Marci and their 13 year-old daughter Nikki, in these trying times. You have our thoughts and prayers.

Kraig Becker

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  1. It certainly is a sad story. What a freaky event to take his life. Just unexpected and sad.

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