Season 2 of Survivor Man Begins August 10th!

Les Stroud Survivorman les artist pic
In light of recent discussion in the comment section, I thought I would point out that a new season of Survivor Man begins August 10th on The Discovery Channel.

It looks like Les is in for his usual suffering, with his first four locations being in the Kalahari Desert, The Amazon Rain Forest, Labrador, and the African Plains. Looks like they’re going to kick things off in style, and since I know a number of you enjoy the show, I thought I’d pass on the word.

Looks like another fun season.

Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “Season 2 of Survivor Man Begins August 10th!”

  1. I love Survivorman; glad to see it coming back for another season. In the last few days I’ve been reading a lot of “hating” (as the kids on the street are saying) on Man vs. Wild. These are two very different shows. Bear’s job is to show you how to get out of sticky situations if you get caught out. He takes stupid risks because he’s trying to cover everything at once – – he’s not suggesting that you should do all of these things.

    Les is completely on his own, so he’s a lot more conservative. But he’s just as entertaining and knowledgeable. Sorry for the soapbox – – but there’s enough room for both of them, no?

  2. I’ve been seeing a lot of Bear vs. Les discussions lately too and it seems that a lot of people feel like you can’t like both shows. I enjoy both of them for different reasons.

    I find that both Bear and Les are entertaining. I think Bear is more of showman, while Les and his show are more practical. Bear does some extraordinary things that most people won’t be able to do, while Les takes an approach that would help the average guy survive.

    In the end though, I like both shows and enjoy watching them, so I’m happy to see Survivor Man return as well.

  3. We Canadians…
    We just love the tough days out!

    By The way…
    I have been enjoying a few blogs, including yours, so much, and appreciate the work it takes to ‘give back’ by keeping us current…
    Sometimes I send off a few ‘Summit Stones’ to those that ‘give back & pass forward…’
    After painting a few this next month, if you would like one, post an email address to my blog. I will not put your email up, but will email and get an address to send one to you. Just a little thanks…

  4. Wow! Thanks DSD! I would be honored. I’ll definitely send my e-mail address your way. 🙂

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