Summits On Nanga Parbat!

191e posted a report that Piotr Morawski, Peter Hamor and Dodo Kopold have summitted Nanga Parbat. The three went up from C4 yesterday and topped out 1:40 PM local time amidst strong, cold winds and very deep snow on the summit push. The climbers were safely back at C4 last night, and are expected back in BC today.

Their work in the Karakorum isn’t over however, as they’ll be heading over to K2 next, where they will attempt a new route on the Western Face where they will be going alpine style up that unclimbed face. Nanga Parbat was an acclimatization climb before going after the real prize.

The article also notes that Kinga Baranowska and Roberto “Gorri” Rojo were also in C4 and were preparing to make their summit bids today. Congrats to Piotr, Peter, and Dodo on a job well done, and good luck To Kinga and Roberto. Climb safe.

Kraig Becker

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