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The Rest of Everst, my favorite video podcast, has received the incredible honor of being nominated for “Best Video Podcast” over at Regular readers of my blog are well aware of the show I’m sure, and this is a well deserved nomination. I would encourage everyone to head over to the Podcast Awards website and vote for the show. Voting began on Saturday (July 28th) and will run through August 11th, and you are allowed to vote once per day during that time period.

For those who haven’t yet started the journey that is The Rest of Everest, I would strongly urge you to give it a shot. The show begins with Episode 0 and is now up to Episode 53. Along the way you’ll get a chance to see what a true expedition experience on Everest is all about, beginning with buying supplies at the local Walmart, departing for Kathmandu, arriving in Base Camp, and then continuing all the way up to the summit and back down again. It’s an excellent introduction to high altitude mountaineering, and the logistics, planning, and all around efforts that go into an expedition of this magnitude.

Huge congratulations to Producer Jon Miller for this nomination. It’s well deserved. You’ve got my vote Jon. Everyday until the 11th. 😉

Kraig Becker

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