AICN Goes Into The Wild

Ain’t It Cool News, the seminal movie website for movie geeks everywhere, has posted a very nice early review for Into The Wild. The film is currently set for a Sept. 21st release, and from the sounds of these impressions, the subject matter is handled very well.

The movie is based on Jon Krakauer’s book of the same name and follows the true story of Christopher McCandless, who graduated college, but became disenfranchised with his upper-middle class life, gave away his savings, sold off his possessions, and set out for Alaska. Along the way, McCandless met an array of interesting characters who impacted his life in a variety of ways.

Eventually the young man made it to Alaska, where he wandered off “into the wild” in an attempt to live off the land and connect with nature. He struggles with surviving in that harsh land, and disappears from society altogether. Later, his body is found and through his journals we got a glimpse inside his mind and what it was like for him in the wilderness. That became the basis for Krakauer’s book, and now this movie.

The review sounds very promising. It seems that we’re getting a film that is character driven and looks into who Christopher McCandless really was and why he did the things that he did. It seems that Director Sean Penn, and Actor Emile Hirsch (who plays McCandless) have really put their souls into this film and want it to be a fitting tribute to a man who marched to his own drum. For fans of the book, it seems that the focus has shifted away from Krakauer piecing together the mystery, and is now more centered on McCandless himself, which is as it should be. The over all tone of the review is very positive, and it seems that if you loved the book, you’ll be in for a treat this September.

You can also check out the trailer to the film in my previous post on the movie.

Kraig Becker

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