Atacama Crossing Results

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The Atacama Crossing ended yesterday, after seven long days of competition in one of the most arid deserts on the planet. The event consisted of six stages, totaling more than 160 miles in distance, enough to cross the entire horizontal length of Chile.

After seven days of racing the front runners, Robert Jarvis, Jonathan Bailey, and Oliver Sinclair agreed to cross the finish line together. Jarvis, of New Zealand, took home the top honors, with a total time of 35 hours 12 minutes, and 9 seconds. Baily and Sinclair, both of the U.K. finished second and third respectively. Emma Dawber was the top female competitor finishing in the 14th position. In all, 70 racers began the race and 66 finished You can check out all the results on the leaderboard.

Next up in the 4 Deserts Series is the Sahara Race starting Oct. 28th.

Kraig Becker

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