Back From The Dead: AdventureJourney .Net

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While browsing my usual list of Internet favorites for my daily fix of adventure, I dropped by just to see if there had been any progress on the site redesigned that had been promised to occur back in January. For months the site had gone unchanged, and I very nearly dropped it from my “bookmarks”. Now it seems my faith has been rewarded, as the site has returned from the dead with a fresh look, and the promise of new content, although and the moment it’s all just a tease.

Adventure Journey is a great online magazine that posted excellent articles about far flung destinations and the amazing activities you could find there. Each issue had some really good travel stories and ideas, and it was clear that the authors all have a passion for adventure travel. I often enjoyed, and posted their Top 7 lists, but there were plenty of other regular columns to dig into as well.

Back when the redesign was announced AJ promised us that in addition to a revamped website, we’d also see the introduction of the “Journeypedia” which looks to have been renamed the “Journeybase”. Indications are that it’ll be a database of adventure travel opportunities all over the World. They also promised the an “online interactive community” and a free personal account feature. Both of these seem to be in, as their is now an option to “Get a FREE Account” right at the top of the page. Other interesting links include one labeled “Podcasts” which sounds interesting, and “Tales From The Road” that has tons of potential as well.

All of this looks great, but as I mentioned, at the moment it’s just a big tease. If you click on anything, all the links re-direct you back to the starting page. My guess is that the new design is live, but not all the content is in place yet. When you read something like “Text here. Lots of it, for the general purpose of reading. >>” in one of the content boxes, you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out the backend content isn’t all in place yet. The issue is dated as September 2007 however, so we must be fairly close to the relaunch, and hopefully some great things to come.

For now, I just wanted to welcome the good folks over at Adventure Journey back from the dead. Glad to see you’re alive and kicking and I’m looking forward to reading about all the crazy adventures you’ve been on while the site was being re-designed. 😉

Kraig Becker