Canyoneering In Zion

After learning about the dangers of canyoneering earlier in the week and reading about the rating system used to grade canyons, I have to admit that I was jonesing for another canyoneering story to get my fix. Thankfully, has come along with just the thing.

The story is part of their “Where To Go” section, and focuses on Zion National Park in particular. Utah has become an outdoor adventure mecca in recent years, with places like Moab taking center stage. Plenty of adventure racers, mountain bikers, climbers, and canyooneers have been visiting the area seeking out their favorite brand of excitement.

Southern Utah is home to some amazing canyons, and Zion has plenty to offer in that area. The natural sandstone and abundance of water has made for some amazing areas to explore, and this article offers up some nice suggestions on where to go and what to expect. They rate the canyons in Zion, which are over 15 miles in length, as relatively easy and a good hike for beginners. However, they also go on to discuss Heaps Canyon, which is far more technical, requiring 20 to 30 rappels to get navigate, and is at the opposite end of the spectrum, challenging canyoneers with a variety of environments, climbs, and navigational hurdles.

Reading these articles on canyoneering this week have convinced me that I need to get out to Southern Utah in the semi-near future and explore some of these places for myself. I’ve heard for a long time that Bryce and Zion are amazing places, and reading about these canyon adventures is invoking a desire to see them for myself. Remember that “Life List” I mentioned a few posts down? Yeah, it’s gotten longer again.

Kraig Becker

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