Caught On Video: Top 5 Mountain Bike Crashes

Ok, this one is certainly not for the feint of heart! At least two or three of these will make you cringe, and quite possibly cancel that mountain bike ride you had scheduled for the upcoming weekend.

The Teame Geard-Up Blog has posted a list of their picks for the Top 5 Mountain Bike Crashes that also just happen to be caught on video. And what happens in this day and age when you catch your buddy wiping out on video? Why, post it to YouTube of course!

The video I posted here is actually number five on the list, and while it looks bad, I think I’ve probably topped it a time or two. I’ve just been lucky enough to not have it caught on tape. That I’m aware of. *Gulp*

However, the severity of the crashes do increase as you go up the scale, until you reach number one, which is clearly deserving of the top spot. I won’t give too much away, but I will say this. Think about what would happen if the front tire of your mountain bike were to come off at over 100 miles per hour. That’s not a type. Enjoy!

Kraig Becker

8 thoughts on “Caught On Video: Top 5 Mountain Bike Crashes”

  1. Ouch! If the climbing falls are anything like these, they’re going to be painful to watch. Fun, but painful! 😉

  2. Funny clip, though I don’t think that one really hurt. I DO think that the guy has less than rudimentary mt. bike skills though. Maybe even questionable listening skills – if you listen carefully, you can hear his buddy say, “Make sure you pull up”


    Thanks for a great blog,
    gordon wright

  3. Gordon, be sure to check out the other videos at the link. The others on the list are pretty crazy, and number one is just plain scary.

  4. Its strange where these YouTube things can end up, I was the one behind the mobile phone. My mate got away with just a few cuts and bruises.

  5. LOL! You’re right! YouTube vids can end up anywhere.

    Glad to hear your friend made it through mostly unscathed.

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