Cycling Centric GPS Units From Garmin

A few weeks back the Magellan faithful received some good news in the form of the Triton line of GPS units due out this Fall. Not to be out done however, the Garmin camp now have some new units to look forward to as well, although they are aimed more at the cyclist than the backpacker.

According to Engadget the new Edge 605 and 705 GPS units are both bike mountable for navigating while you ride. They’ll also keep track of your distance, time, calories burned, altitude, rate and amount of climb and descent and more. They’ll also allow you to collect data on your rides and track your performance over time. The high end model, the 705, also has optional add-ons such as a heart-rate sensor and cadence monitor.

One of the other cool features that both units have is the ability to race a “ghost” opponent over a set distance or time, and if the ghost isn’t proving up to the task, you can also race against your previous rides on a given course, with the GPS unit keeping track of where you are in relation to your past times.

Currently the two units are set to ship in December, just in time for that cycling enthusiast on your Christmas list. Retail prices are $399 for the 605 and $499 for the 705. The 705 will also be available in packages with the optional add ons in prices ranging up to $649.

Kraig Becker

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