From Dublin to Beijing By Bike!

Here’s a cool adventure for anyone interested in taking a little spin on their bike. It seems the four blokes over at intend to travel from Dublin to the Chinese capital by bicycle.

The four young men, Conor Rowan, Stephen Buckley, Mark Donlon, and Paul Ryan, intend to embark on their trip on Sept. 7th with the intent of arriving in Beijing in time for the Olympic Games to get underway in August of 2008. In order to complete their 11,200 mile journey, they’ll need to average over 33 miles a day. That doesn’t sound like much until you being to examine the terrane they’ll be riding through along their route.

The guys will be riding for a cause as well, as they hope to raise money for the UCD Volunteers Overseas and the Arc Cancer Support Centre. Along the way, you’ll be able to follow their progress in their blog and make sure that they are following all the very silly rules they’ve established to break the boredom of this lengthy trip.

Good luck guys! We’ll be following along and rooting for you! Thanks to the Geared Up Blog for this one.

Kraig Becker

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