Gearbox: New GPS Love From Magellan

Check out this new line of handheld GPS devices from Magellan. According to Electronista these new units, known as the Triton line, will come with full color, touchscreens, maps supplied by National Geographic, as well as all the other bells and whistles associated with Magellan hendhelds, including ruggedized design, and full water proofing.

However, the six units that comprise the Triton series, will come with a variety of other options, including built in barometers to monitor the weather, SD card slots for expansion, built in 2 mega-pixel cameras, and LED flashlight, and more. The top of the line unit, the Triton 2000, even includes a speaker and a microphone, so I’m guessing it can be used to play back MP3 files and make voice recordings as well. The built in maps can be updated with more detailed ones with internal memory and the SD card slot. These devices mark the first time that National Geographic has made their maps available for use in a handheld as well.

The Triton series will be available next month, with the entry level unit, the Triton 200, starting at $129 sans card slot, barometer, and rechargeable batteries. The mid-rainge unit, the 500, will retail for $249, and should contain most options except the camera and flashlight, while the 2000 tops out the series with a retail price of $499.

These look like some really great new GPS units. It’ll be interesting to see how they integrate the touchscreen technology, which works great in products like the iPhone. My aging Magellan is due for an upgrade, and this looks like it might fit my needs nicely. I’m not sure I need a digital camera or flashlight on my GPS device, but the maps options, expandability, and other features sound great. Just what I needed! More gear to lust over!

Kraig Becker

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