GoFar Podcast Interviews Don Mann

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This one is nearly a week old, but should still be of interest to fans of adventure racing and Primal Quest in particular. The GoFar Podcast, which I’ve mentioned several times in the past, has released their latest episode, which just so happens to be an interview with Don Mann, CEO of Primal Quest. The episode is available for download from the GoFar website or through iTunes.

The interview is quite interesting as Don discusses how and why he took over the reins of PQ and gives some hints at what we can expect in next year’s race. He still keeps his cards fairly close to his vest but does note that it will be a very different experience from the 2006 race, held in Utah. This time out, we can expect a course more centered in the mountains, lending credence to the recent rumors that PQ is going to Montana.

He also discusses some new approaches to getting team sponsors to advertise on the PQ website, which during the height of the race gets as many as 1 million hits per day, as well as new additions to the PQ team, including the ever popular Danelle Ballengee, amongst others. It’s clear they’ve assembled a very experienced team to manage and design the race.

Other topics of discussion include registration for PQ 2008 selling out in less than 12 hours, the general make-up of the teams entered, and recent trends in the sport as a whole.

All in all, a fairly interesting interview, and it seems that PQ is in good hands. The current ownership and staff have some good, solid long term plans for the race, which is good news for all of us who enjoy adventure racing. I’m looking forward to the return of PQ next year. Just 309 days to go! (According to the countdown clock on the PQ website)

Kraig Becker

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