Going Light On Denali: Post Trip Follow-Up

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A few months back I mentioned a story over at BackPackingLight.com about Matt Hage and Agnes Stowe, who attempted, and succeeded, in going up Denali using lightweight gear. Over the course of the climb they carried packs that were no more than 30 pounds each, considerably lighter than the 50-60 pounds that is typical for such a climb.

Now, Backpacking Light has posted a post trip report and gear list so we can gain even more insight into their adventure. Agnes and Matt co-wrote the piece and they discuss their thoughts on the gear they chose, their approach got “going light” and their one regret for the climb. It’s a pretty interesting read, and gives some nice insights into how you can lighten up your load perhaps.

The best part for me was checking out their gear lists. All of their equipment is listed, along with it’s weight, and it’s pretty amazing to see which items they took with them. You may also find some great suggestions for gear to replace some aging item in your closet that weighs too much and is inefficient compared to modern equipment. Be warned though, the folks over at BPL take the “Go Light” philosophy very seriously.

Kraig Becker

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