The Grand Teton 100 Ultra Begins Saturday

It must be the “Ultra Season” with all of these endurance events lately. Next up is the Grand Teton 100 Ultramarathon which gets underway on Saturday. As the name would imply, it’s a 100 mile event through the Grand Teton Mountains in Alta, Wyoming, although if you’re not feeling up to running 100 miles through the mountains, they do have a less demanding 50 mile race as well.

The course is “clover-leaf style” loop, with each loop consisting of 25 miles in length over terrain that includes single-track, service roads, bike trails and short stretches of pavement. Along the way, the competitors will be surrounded by some amazing scenery, while they take on 5000 feet of vertical gain per loop. The 50 mile event is expected to last roughly 17 hours while the 100 mile course is estimated to take 36 hours.

Endurance athlete Matt Hart is blogging the whole event, and you’ll be able to read his thoughts on the course, and his performance over the next few days by clicking here. Matt has made it to event and gone on a train run, which he describes as “steep”.

I went for a run last night. Three and a half-miles. It was brutal. 😉

Kraig Becker

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