Himalaya Update: Fall Belongs To The Girls!

The Fall climbing season is approaching rapidly and it seems like every day a new expedition is announced. MountEverest.net has the latest news on what’s happening in Nepal, including reports on the top women climbers heading for 8000m peaks.

First and foremost, is a group of girls from Singapore who have already undergone the Puja Ceremony, and are in ABC on Cho Oyu. The team consists of Jane Lee, Lee Lihui, Lee Peh Gee, Sim Yi Hui, Joanne Soo and Esther Tan. The whole team is excited to be on the mountain, and having arrived early, should get a good jump on the acclimatization process.

Meanwhile, Edurne Pasaban, of Spain, has her sights set on Shisha Pangma, and if successful, she’ll join Gerlinde with 10 8000m summits. Edurne will be going up the “normal” route on Shisha, so she’ll be able to say hello to our friend Alan Arnette who is taking the same route. Alan departed for Kathmandu yesterday, and should be arriving sometime late today.

Not to be out doen by Edurne, Nives Meroi is going for her 11th 8000m summit on Makalu. The latest word is that she is still preparing to leave Italy for Nepal, but should be on her way soon. In the Spring, Nives knocked off Everest, sans oxygen, for her tenth. We’ve got quite a race going betweent these top female climbers as to who will reach 14 first.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, there are a few guys heading for the Himalaya this Fall too. An mixed Canadian/International team is in Kathmandu now, and preparing to leave for Manaslu soon, while a Dutch team gunning for Dhaulagiri is acclimatizing in the Khumbu region now.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I would absolutely love one day to climb the Himalayas. For now though I will stick with the Welsh valleys.

  2. I have always wanted also to climb the Himalayas.

    It is quite incredible when you think about the size and challenge of the mountain.

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