Inaugural Abu Dhabi Adventure Race Info

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The inaugural Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge is set to kick off on December 9th and run through the 14th. It’ll stick to the standard format for expedition length adventure races, in which co-ed teams of four will race one another over a wilderness course that promises to include mountains, desert, and seas. The race will also feature what is currently the biggest purse in the sport, offering $200,000 in prize money. is reporting that World Champs Team Nike has already entered the race, as has, a strong team from New Zealand, as well as a number of other well known international teams. The field should be fairly exclusive however, with only 30 teams competing, as compared to next year’s Primal Quest, which has expanded it’s field to 90.

Details on the race are a bit sketchy at this time, although the website says that we can expect more information and a full launch of the by the end of the month. I’m interested in seeing what the course will be like, and what challenges are in store for the racers. The desert can prove to be a harsh, unforgiving place, in an expedition length race of this type.

Kraig Becker

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