K2: Kazakhs and Russians Making Bid On NW Ridge

Of all the weekends for my laptop to take a dump. I don’t tend to update on the weekends that often unless something major is happening, and this weekend seems to have several major stories going down. For starters, K2Climb.net is reporting that the Summit push is in full swing on the North West Face, with the Russians and Kzakhs going to the top together.

The summit team set off yesterday with the hope of reaching the top possibly as early as sometime today. Maxut and Vassiliy, the two top Kazakh climbers are joined by Russians Serguey Brodsky and Andrey Puchinin. The plan is for the teams to join forces in C4, and if the weather holds out they should stand on top of K2 today or tomorrow.

The latest word from the mountain is that high winds on the peak will make things tough going, but that they are expect to subside later today or tomorrow, which will greatly increase the chance of reaching the summit. Look for an update later tonight, or first thing tomorrow as we wait to hear about a successful summit. Considering the talent on this team though, it will take seriously bad weather to turn these guys back.

Kraig Becker