K2: Weather Window Opens, Teams Moving Up!

k2 02
As I predicted yesterday it seems that teams are now moving up K2 to get into position to make summit bids, as a predicted weather window is set to open tomorrow and could last right on through the weekend.

According to K2Climb.net, climbers in BC are seeing snow on the high peak at the moment, but are jockeying for position for when the clouds part tomorrow. The article reports that the Austrian Team is one that has been waiting for their second chance and are hoping itโ€™ll come tomorrow, while Dodo Kopoldโ€™s team sees their personal window shrinking to just 14 days. His team intends to climb Alpine Style, but they know that the clock is working against them, as they have to return home soon. Dodo himself has been sick this week, and says that he has lost nearly 10 kilos, but is feeling better now and is anxious for the weather to improve.

Meanwhile, the Russians are still huddle in C5 on the West Face. If the wind dies down as expected, they should make their push soon, completing the first direct route of that portion of the mountain. I imagine weโ€™ll hear more about their success and some of the other teams in the next few days.

Kraig Becker

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