Kayaker Drops 100 Feet Over Waterfall

Check out this story from the Rocky Mountain Outlook if you want to read what extreme kayaking is all about.

On August 15, a 19 year old kayaker named Logan Grayling went over Upper Johnston Falls, in Banff National Park, located in Alberta Canada, a drop of nearly 30 meters! Logan decided to make the drop while the water was high from Winter run-off, so his official drop is listed as 30.15 meters, or about 99 feet. To add to the excitement, there were roughly 30-40 tourist on a nearby footbridge at the time, who had no idea what was about to happen. Upper Johnston Falls is a popular photo opportunity for many visitors to Banff National Park, and I can only imagine the looks on their faces when Logan and his kayak shot over the edge.

Grayling has only been kayaking for four years during a high school outdoor education class. He admits to taking lesson on how to perform an “eskimo roll” before hand so he could impress the girls, but once he was on the water, he found his passion. Since that time, he has paddled when ever, and where ever possible to gain experience and knowledge as a kayaker.

What an amazing drop! Something like this takes not only a lot of skill, but a fair bit of luck as well. Logan himself said that once he went over it was far more turbulent than he expected. He also loaded jugs of water into his kayak to add stability as well. While this isn’t a World’s Record, which happens to currently stand at 105.6 feet, it’s still damn impressive and scary. I think I can feel my stomach drop jut looking at that picture.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Kayaker Drops 100 Feet Over Waterfall”

  1. We have been up there many times and that is a serious drop!
    I recall there have been a few adrenaline seeking folks who have made their way off the falls now.

  2. Yep! The article says that it was first done back in 1999 for what at the time was a World Record drop.

    Definitely an impressive feat. You have to have nerves of steal to pull something like that off.

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