Mountain World Blog Brings The Funnies!

The Mountain World Blog, not to be confused with Jake Norton’s Excellent MountainWorld Blog (see the difference?) has posted a couple of things this week that made me chuckle.

First up we have this classic video from Monty Python that is sure to elicit a laugh or two. Unless you don’t like Monty Python. In which case, you’re not human. It’s their classic “North Face of Uxbridge Road” sketch. No parrots in sight.

And then there is this image, which just illustrates issues that continue to divide the climbing community. Nothing else needs to be said really. 🙂

trad1 2

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Mountain World Blog Brings The Funnies!”

  1. Excellent!! I haven’t seen that skit in a while, and it always cracks me up! Thanks for sharing, Kraig!


  2. I hadn’t seen it in forever either, which is why I was laughing so hard earlier when I watched it. Such brilliant stuff. And the open shot is great. Makes you think they really are climbing. 🙂

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