The MSR Reactor Ships (Finally!)

msr reactor
The Trailspace Blog is reporting that the MSR Reactor is finally shipping. The award winning and revolutionary cooking system for backpackers, through hikers, and other lightweight expeditions, has been highly anticipated, but is long over due, leaving some gear heads thinking that it might be vaporware. MSR says they’re shipping them as fast as they can, but demand is currently very high, and unless you’ve pre-ordered, it’s unlikely that you’ll get your hands on one soon.

The Reactor is MSR’s answer to the Jetboil, which has been the lightweight cooking system to beat over the past couple of years. Early head to head tests have shown that the Reactor is actually substantially faster than the Jetboil when it comes to heating up, and boiling water, especially in windy, and more harsh conditions. However, the Jetboil system is a bit more efficient with it’s use of fuel and is also lighter and cheaper too.

It’s great to see that MSR is finally shipping this product that we’ve been hearing about for sometime. it sounds like a great system, and it’ll be interesting to see how Jetboil responds, and how the two stack up in more reviews. I think it’s great that the Jetboil has a little competition, and which is always a good thing for us consumers.

Kraig Becker

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