Nepal Cuts Everest Fees For Fall and Winter Climbs

Everest News is reporting that Nepal is planning to cut the climbing fees for Everest in the upcoming Fall and Winter season by as much as 75%. As of now, there are no planned expeditions to Everest during those two seasons, which has likely prompted the Nepalese government to take this step.

Most expeditions tackle Everest in the Spring of the year, when the mountain is most safe. The Summer is off limits due to the dangerous conditions brought on by the annual monsoon, but it is possible to climb Everest in the Fall and Winter, although it can be quite dangerous due to extreme cold and snowy conditions. In recent years, a number of experienced climbers have elected to climb Everest in one of those two seasons for several reasons. One, is that it’s more of a challenge, with the elements making it that much more difficult. The other major reason is that there are no crowds on the mountain at all, making it a very different experience from the Spring.

So, if you’ve got some time to kill, and were looking for a great Fall getaway, now you can do Everest on a discount.

Kraig Becker

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