Nicki Branch Knocks Off Elbrus!

I’ve been following Nicki Branch’s Seven Summits Quest since I first read about her over at Alan Arnette’s website last year, when she announced her intentions to go for the summit of the tallest mountain on each continent. Back then, she was still planning her first climb, on Kilimanjaro, but it wasn’t long before she completed that climb, then moved on to Aconcagua last January. From there, she went on to conquer Denali in July.

For many people, climbing three iconic mountains in eight months would be enough but not for Nicki. About a week and a half ago she topped out on Elbrus. She’s now more than half-way to her goal of all Seven Summits, and has bagged the top peaks in Africa, North and South America, and now Europe.

What’s left on the list? Next up, she’ll head to Kosciuszko and Carstensz in October, so she can knock off both Australia and “Pacifica” and cover both Seven Summits Lists. After that, it’s on to Vinson in December to claim the highest mountain in Antarctica. And finally, she’ll go after Everest in the Spring season next year.

It’s been fun following Nicki’s climbs so far and I look forward to hearing about her climbs on the remaining mountains as well. Awesome work so far Nicki, and good luck on the remainder of the list. I’m looking forward to reading your dispatches and thoughts on all the Summits.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I agree. She is on quite a journey, and as someone who wasn’t really a mountaineer before hand, she’s certainly proven to be tough and dedicated. It’s been a lot of fun to follow her adventures, and she still has some great stuff to come.

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