Nike+ Amp Still Coming!

I first mentioned this product way back in November and it looks like it’s finally going to be released. It’s the Nike+ Amp which is designed to compliment the Nike+ iPod training system.

For those who don’t know, the Nike+ iPod system consists of a sensor that attaches to your shoe and a receiver that connects to your iPod Nano, and it records data when you walk or run. It’ll keep track of your distance, time, and calories burned. It’ll also store your data, including personal best distances and times, and then upload them to the Nike Plus website where you can track your progress, set goals for yourself, or even challenge friends. It’s a great training system, and there is nothing like completing a run and hearing Lance Armstrong in your ears congratulating you on your best time yet.

The product has been very successful for Nike, and there have been rumors circulating for some time that we’d see more produts in the line. It looks like the Amp will be the first of those products, and as an avid Nike+ users, I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Basically, the Amp is a watch that will interface with the Nike+. It’ll display information, on an LED screen no less, transmitted from the iPod, about your current workout routine. That alone is pretty cool, but even better than that, is the fact that you can actually control your iPod from the watch itself. You’ll be able to wirelessly adjust volume, skip tracks, select songs, and so on. It’s a bit too early to tell exactly how much control you’ll have over your iPod from the Amp, but I’m hoping you’ll be able to select playlists and albums from the device without ever having to take your armband off while running.

This seems like a very slick product, and for me it’s a welcome addition to the Nike+ family. The rumors are that they won’t be available for a couple of months yet, so expect them “just in time for the holidays”. If anyone from Nike is out there reading this, feel free to send one my way so I can help you beta test it. 🙂

Thanks to The Goat Blog over at for the latest news on this highly anticipated (at least by me!) product.

Kraig Becker

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