Outdoor Gear Site: KirouOutdoor.com

I saw this link posted over at the Geard Up Blog as part of their Friday Link Round-up. The one that caught my eye was KirouOutdoors which bills itself as “The Outdoor Gear Blog”. And while we’ve seen plenty of good gear blogs, it never hurts to have another one.

KirouOutdoor is pretty straight forward in it’s approach. They posts some cool new gear item, along with some specs and thoughts on the items. While I haven’t found what I would call reviews, but there are daily updates with all manner of different gear items. Today it’s snow shoes from MSR, yesterday it was an interesting looking water filter.

Personally, I appreciate sites that keep me updated on what’s new in gear and what we can expect in the the future. I like the variety of gear items, and I’ll be keeping an eye on the site going into the future for new gear news and ideas.

Kraig Becker

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