Polar Update: Borge and Tomas Norway Bound

Polar Explorers Borge Ousland and Tomas Ulrich have finally embarked on the last stage of their epic polar journey, as they boarded the sailing ship the Athene and are now making their way to Norway, according to the latest update from ThePoles.com.

The two explorers set out from the North Pole way back on the first of May to retrace the historic footprints of two other arctic explorers who went before them, albeit 112 years earlier. Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen were two famous Norwegian explorers who attempted to go to the North Pole, only to be turned back, facing a long trek across the hard Hans Josef Land in Sibera, an area that was mostly unexplored before that time. The two were forced to wait out a long, cold, harsh winter, before being picked up by a passing sailing ship at Cape Flora, the same way that Borge and Tomas have been.

The Athene will now make it’s way to Murmansk, where the boys will have to fill out some paperwork before proceeding to Norway’s North Cape, where they will resume their trek on foot. In all, they spent 20 days in Cape Flora, but are now eager to resume the journey. Upon reaching the North Cape, they will next proceed to Oslo, which is the official finish line of their expedition.

Kraig Becker

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