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We certainly can’t accuse the good folks over at, the official website of the Primal Quest Adventure Race, of not providing us with updates, information, and insights into the race. Sure, they’re remaining mum about where the 2008 PQ will be held, what the course will look like, or if we can expect more rock climbing in a lightning storm. But they are posting regular updates on news, new staffers, and profiles of some of the biggest names in the sport.

Case in point, today’s update entitled The Tao of Woohoo, which is a great little profile of Robyn Benincasa, one of the top adventure racers in the World. Robyn will be the captain of Team Merrell-Wigwam when they compete in Primal Quest 2008, and you can bet she’ll have her team ready to go. She’s known as a tough, strong competitor who continues to have fun, even while competing in a week long expedition length race like PQ.

As the article notes, she managed to uphold the title of “Director of Fun” even while suffering through “crying, screaming, pain, sickness, bonking and bile” in the 2006 edition of Primal Quest. Her resume is quite impressive with wins in such legendary adventure races as the Raid Gauloises (Ecuador) and Eco-Challenge Borneo. She’s also finished third in Primal Quest (2006), and the Southern Traverse (2000), and has podium finishes in the Ironman Hawaii triathlon.

PQ 2008 is still a number of months away, but just knowing that competitors like Robyn, and the rest of her Merrell-Wigwam team, will be competing helps to build the anticipation. The field of competitors just might be the deepest, most experienced, and most skilled ever to enter an expedition race, and I expect Robyn and her boys to be right there in front, competing for the win.

Kraig Becker

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