The Rest of Everest: Episode 56

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The actual climb may be over, but that doesn’t mean the “expedition experience” is at an end. Wednesday means a new episode of The Rest of Everest and if you’ve been following the show, you know that we’re through the climbing portions and have now been listening to recollections of the experience of going up to the summit and returning to BC, with some fascinating stories and insights.

This week’s episode is entitled Episode 56: The Last Hurrah, and with good reason. BC is now active, boisterous, and abuzz with activity. Climbers are off the mountain, looking forward to returning home, and bonded by a shared experience of living on the mountain for two months.

The show opens with a climber shaving his beard off, showing his bare face for the first time in weeks. It’s part of the process of returning to civilization, and an indication that the expedition is coming to an end. After that, we attend a party, in which you can see the excitement and joy on the faces of the team members as they enjoy a little more time with one another, but also knowing that it would all soon be over.

Next we’re treated to some video footage that Jon shot while wandering around Base Camp, with some great shots of the mountain and the sun rising and bringing the warmth of day to BC. Jon shares some thought on his day to day activities in camp, and some of the things he did there while waiting to complete the project and return home himself.

Clearly this expedition is winding down, and soon the teams will depart for Kathmandu and from there, home. But, we’re promised that this isn’t the end of the Rest of Everest. There is more to come, and you’ll get to see even more of what life is like while on the tallest mountain on Earth.

Kraig Becker

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