Skurka Hits Halfway Point Of Great Western Loop

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I’ve mentioned uber-hiker Andrew Skurka before. He’s the dude that’s into long distance hiking and then some. He’s done the Pacific Crest Trail through California, he’s gone Sea To Sea from Cape Gaspe, Quebec, ending at the Pacific Ocean, near Seattle. He’s even gone Ultralight in the Nation’s Icebox. However, he’s never done anything like The Great Western Loop.

The Loop is a 6,875-mile long trail that connects up five of the most iconic trails in the Western states of the U.S. The trails include the Pacific Crest Trail, Pacific Northwest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Grand Enchantment Trail, and Arizona Trail. When the hike is all said and done, Andrew will have backpacked through 12 National Parks and over 75 wilderness areas.

Today brings word that Andrew is halfway to reaching his goal, having covered 3,653 miles since leaving the Grand Canyon back on April 9th. When he finishes in November, he’ll be the first person to ever complete the entire trail, and his total distance traveled, according to the article, is equivalent to going from Los Angeles to Istanbul (not Constantinople), Turkey.

Andrew is sponsored on this expedition by GoLite, one of my favorite gear companies. And you can see what he’s got in his pack by checking out his gear lists here.

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