So Where Exactly Will Primal Quest Take Place Next Year?

A month ago I mentioned an article in the Billings Gazette that speculated that Primal Quest could possibly be coming to Montana when it returns next season.

Now, a similar article has been written, this time in the Summit Daily News from Summit County, Colorado, which also speculates that the race might be coming to that state. Their reasons for believing so? Colorado resident and adventure race veteran Danelle Ballengee has already designed a course for the area, and PQ CEO Don Mann is quoted as saying “From the very outset, Colorado’s been our first choice.”

But before you start booking your travel plans to The Centennial State, there are a few hurdles to over come. Namely, the U.S. Forest Service, who seem none too excited to have another adventure race, even one as big and prestigious as Primal Quest, being held on government land. PQ organizers have met with some resistance in getting the permits they’ll need, despite state representatives lobbying on behalf of the race.

While neither Mann nor Balengee have given up on holding the race in Colorado, they have admitted that they have begun to look at alternative locations. Locations that are more amicable to them bringing the race, it’s competitors, and all the revenue it can generate, to their neighborhood.

Race organizers are remaining tight lipped on just where the event will be held, but are expected to make the announcement in a few short weeks. Time may be running out for Colorado and AR fans who would like to see the Primal Quest take place there.

Kraig Becker

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