Summit Stones Of My Own!

I wanted to send a special thanks out to DSD over at Summit Stones and Adventure Musings for sending me two wonderful little works of art yesterday. She is one of my earliest readers and frequently posts comments, for which I’m always appreciative, but she also has a little project of her own. If you haven’t heard of her Summit Stones, lets just say they’ve become almost mythical amongst the hiking and climbing crowd. DSD paints these wonderful stones with a nice image, then includes a booklet of “Adventure Musings” with some excellent quotes about leading an adventurous life, and then places them somewhere out in the wilderness for others to find. I’ve read stories about these stones for quite some time, and never thought that I’d be fortunate enough to have one, let alone two. The fact that they arrived on my birthday just made it all the better.

So, thanks DSD! You put a huge smile on my face, and completely made my week. I really appreciate you stopping by regularly on my little blog, and posting regular comments. But, even more than that, I appreciate your adventurous spirit and desire to share that with others. Keep hiding those stones, and keep touching the lives of those that find them!


Kraig Becker

11 thoughts on “Summit Stones Of My Own!”

  1. Hi Kraig,
    You are very welcome…
    While these little stones have been almost only always placed when out on some adventure, there have been a very few occasions when I have sent some off to folks who are doing things that ‘give back’… I know the time and energy involved in committing to adventure blog as you do for us…
    Each stone has its own history and character… The ‘Naive Artistry’ is just my way of splashing a bit of paint on them and expressing ideas about the elements…
    It’s all about the adventures, the ‘finders’ smiles, feelings of gratitude, and what I feel is the need to pass forward something of such experiences…
    Glad you had such a great birthday!

  2. Hi DSD,

    You’re doing a wonderful job of “giving back” as well, as your little stones have certainly inspired their own little mystery and I know that you’ve touched the lives of people that have found them in a very special way.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Great Blog.
    Top adventure racing posts.
    I found one of these in the high sierra.
    Posted recently to backpacker magazine forum about it.
    Impressive stuff.

  4. Thanks for the compliments on the blog! Hope you’re enjoying your Summit Stone as much as I have mine. DSD does a nice job, and they are certainly precious finds when you get the opportunity to come across one. 🙂

  5. Linked here from dsd’s blog.
    Nice present for your birthday.
    We enjoyed dsd’s goodwill in 2004 with an incredible surprise at over 10,00 feet.
    The stone was with the summit register.
    What a well meaning journey.

  6. You’re right, it was a wonderful gift! i keep it and the book on my desk at the office to remind me throughout the day that while I work, it’s all worth while when you have the chance to add some adventure to your life.

    All of the Summit Stones are gifts to be cherished, and it’s very cool that you found one too Shira.

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