Three Day Adventures From Outside

Next weekend we celebrate Labor Day here in the United States, which means two things. One, it’s a three day weekend! But of even more importance is that it’s the traditional end of Summer, even though the calendar says that won’t officially come for a few weeks yet. Many of us will take the opportunity to get outside, and go on one last adventure before the carefree days of Summer are really gone.

If you’re looking for some suggestions on what to do with that three day weekend, perhaps Outside Online can be of assistance. They’ve published five suggestions for some great 3-day adventures that each have their own unique appeal.

For instance, if mountain biking is your thing, how about riding through the Colorado backcountry from Buena Vista to Aspen? The total distance is 118 miles of challenging trail, that offers some amazing scenery. Would you rather hike than peddle? How about spending a few days on the Pacific Crest and Tahoe’s Rim Trail or go trekking in Colorado’s San Juan Triangle, which is 50 miles of “the lower 48’s most pristine high country”. Fear not Easterners, there are suggestions for you as well. Take a hike on Vermont’s 39 mile Long Trail, which winds it’s way through lush farm country, with picturesque mountains for a back drop. Finally, head to Kentucky where you can spend three days getting acquainted with the two things the state is best known for, namely horses and bourbon.

The short descriptions of each adventure sound wonderful, and there are even suggestions on where to stay and side activities to do in the different areas. Some of these are quite intriguing, and I’m already looking for more information on the San Juan Triangle in Colorado. It sounds like an amazing place for a short get away. Anyone been there? Any thoughts?

Kraig Becker

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