Tour Mammoth Cave For Free On August 25th

National Parks Traveler is reporting that you’ll be able to tour Mammoth Cave absolutely free on August 25th. The tour sans fees is a celebration of the 91st birthday of the National Parks Service.

The Discovery Tour is the one that is being offered for free from 10 AM to 2 PM on that date, which happens to be a Saturday, so plan on crowds throughout the day. The tour is a self-guided walking tour that runs about three-quarters of a mile from the Historic Entrance to the Rotunda, Audubon Aveneue, and Rafinesque Hall. NP Traveler also notes that rangers will be on hand to answer questions and offer directions as needed.

Mammoth Cave is located in South Central Kentucky and is the worlds longest cave system. Over 365 miles of the underground complex have been explored so far, with more areas still being discovered. The natural underground beauty of the area was first designated as a National Park back in 1941.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Tour Mammoth Cave For Free On August 25th”

  1. Hey Kraig,

    Thanks for the tip. I recently ventured to Mammoth Caves (about a month ago)and this is definately worth the trip. If I remember right, a single tour was $14 a piece–so definately a moneysaver. Might have to go back and take this tour–I took a different one previously..had to check out the “New Entrance” Tour..

    Very fascinating history surrounding the cave system..also I pretty nice hike;)

  2. Hey Jason,

    Yeah, this will be a good deal for anyone in the area, and a chance to see, what I’m told, is an amazing natural wonder. I personally haven’t been there, but it’s certainly another place I’d love to visit. I have a feeling the place will be super crowded on the 25th though.

    I’m off to Arkansas in Sept. and I’m hoping to get some caving in then, but not sure it’ll fit into the schedule. There’s something very cool about exploring those underground environments. 🙂

  3. Mammoth cave is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. I’ve only spent about 3 days there (was it really 16 years ago? How time flies…) but think of them often. Took every tour I could get into.

    I’ve done a lot of volunteering for Wind Cave NP doing inventory work on formations and surveying new passage….and however amazing it was, it was never quite as impressive as the first trip down into Mammoth Cave. I’ll never forget it.


  4. Great! Now I want to go even more. If you’re saying it’s one of the most impressive places you’ve ever been Jon, that means it must be really amazing.

    I think I need to add spelunking to my list of activities.

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