The Wildebeat Covers Summer OR 2007

One of the better outdoor oriented podcasts that I’ve come across is The Wildebeat which covers a wide range of topics of interest such as places to visit, building essential skills, and gear.

This week’s episode focuses on last week’s Summer Outdoor Retailer Show and some of the exciting new gear that was on display there. Wildebeat host Steve Sergeant gets the input of several reviewers from on what stood out to them, with a variety of interesting responses.

I’ve posted on episodes of the Wildbeat before, but recently I’ve been so busy with side projects and the day job, that I haven’t had time to listen to my normal array of podcasts. Hopefully I can get back to some of my favorites so I can make recommendations on which ones are worthy of your time. The WIldebeat is most definitely worthy, and you can listen to the episodes directly from the website or by subscribing to them in iTunes.

Kraig Becker

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