Alan Arnette: Audio Dispatch From C1 On Shisha Pangma

Alan Arnette has released an audio dispatch this morning from Shisha Pangma, updating us on his progress. It seems that things are going according to schedule this week, as Tuesday the team arrived at the “Depot Camp” which is a place between ABC and C1 where teams can stop for a rest and stash supplies to be carried up the mountain later.

Yesterday, Alan and the rest of the climbers made their way up to Camp 1 where they’ll spend the day today resting and acclimatizing. Tomorrow they’ll climb even higher, before turning back to ABC for a rest before starting the process again to shuttle supplies up to Camp 2, and eventually higher.

Alan remarked that it was quite cold on the mountain last night, with sunset coming around 4:30 PM and temperatures dropping to -10 F during the night. This followed a hot day, exposed on the sun on the side of the mountain, and laboring hard to reach C1.

As you probably already know, Alan is on Shisha Pangma as a training climb for his return to Everest in the Spring. His goal is to raise $100,000 for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. His written and audio dispatches can be found by clicking here and I would encourage everyone to sign up for e-mail alerts to his latest posts. It’s been interesting to follow his climb so far, and it should continue to be fascinating as we follow Alan along his Road Back To Everest.

Kraig Becker

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