Aviation Adventurer Steve Fossett Is Missing

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Aviation legend Steve Fossett is missing, according to a number of news outlets, including MSNBC.

Apparently Fossett set out yesterday in a single engine plane for a routine flight, and has yet to return. The Civil Aviation Patrol has begun searching for the millionaire pilot, but it appears as if he neglected to file a flight plan before setting out, making it far more difficult to track, and locate him.

Fossett has set a number of aviation records over the years, including becoming the first man to fly solo around the World in a balloon. He’s also flown around the World without refueling in an energy efficient, solar powered plane as well. He also lays claim to the highest altitude in a glider, at 50,671 feet, which was set last year over the Andes. Lesser known are his records on the sea, where he was quite an accomplished sailor, holding transatlantic and circumnavigation speed records.

Good friend and fellow adventurer Richard Branson is confident that Fossett is still alive. In the article linked to above, he is quoted as saying β€œtough old boot” would be found sitting next to his plane, waiting for someone to come find him. Lets hope Sir Richard is right on this one.

Kraig Becker

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