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1 has posted an impressive profile of climber Colin Haley, who, at the age of 22, is already putting together a fairly impressive resume of climbs.

Haley, who lives in Washington state, has had a particularly impressive year in the mountains. He’s put together a string of summits that range from the first ascent of The Entropy Wall on Mt. Moffit in Alaska last July, to his summit of Denali, via the Denali Diamond route, which consists of a 3500 foot granite wall, in June. In between, he knocked off 15 other peaks in various locations. Others on his list include The Sentinel in Yosemite Valley, Cerro Torre in Patagonia, and a first winter ascent of Mt. Huntington in Alaska.

Colin seems to have a rare combination of outstanding rock climbing skills and mountaineering ability. He’s tackled some amazing walls, and summitted a number of high peaks. He’s done much of his climbing in the Cascade’s of the Pacific Northwest, but has ventured to Alaska numerous times, taken a crack at Nanga Parbat, and is currently off in Pakistan making an attempt on Ultar Sar’s Southeast Rib/Pillar, 7,388 meters mountain that has seen just three previous attempts and no summits.

It sounds like Colin has quite a future ahead of him in mountaineering. He’s certainly gotten off to a great start for someone just 22 years of age. Hopefully we’ll hear something of his success in Pakistan soon, but I have no doubts we’ll be hearing even more from this talented climber in the future.

Kraig Becker

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