Himalaya Update: The Fall Season is On!

MountEverest.net has posted their latest Himalaya Update with news from all over the region, as teams are busy moving into base camps and preparing for the climbs ahead.

The Dutch team headed for Dhaulagiri has had a “rest day” forced upon them while they wait for donkeys to arrive. The pack animals are used to transport gear to the mountain, but have been delayed due to heavy rains in the region. There is a sentiment amongst the climbers that his was a planned delay however, and they are not amused. The news was better for Fredrik Eriksson however, as he plans to ski down that mountain, even though his skis hadn’t arrived yet. Fredrik was afraid that his quest was in jeopardy, as the chances of finding modern skis in Kathmandu are slim, but good news greeted him at the airport today, as his bag was found, and he now has his personal skis with him once more. He should be on his way to BC as I write this.

Over on Manaslu the team consisting of Canadians and a mixed group of International climbers is already hard at work. They set out for Camp 2 yesterday, and progress is going well, despite the fact that their Sat phone hasn’t been working properly. Updates are coming in from the base camp manager, but everything seems to be going as scheduled at the moment.

It seems like Shisha Pangma will have plenty of traffic this Fall, including our friend Alan Arnette who has posted another dispatch from the mountain, this one on life in base camp that is definitely worth a read. Other teams are still making their way to the mountain however, such as the Project Himalaya Team who are on the road that Alan wrote about in his previous dispatches. Meanwhile, Andrew Lock is reporting that he has arrived in Kathmandu, but surprised to see that a late Monsoon has made it hot and humid there. He’ll beat the heat with some Everest Beer however.

Finally, over on Cho Oyu, a number of teams have finally arrived on the mountain as well. The Field Touring Team is still en route, but The Summit Climb Team is in base camp and getting settled. Further up the mountain, Alpine Ascents has made it to Camp 1, while the Adventure Consultants Team in already at C2.

It seems like it’s going to be a busy Fall in the Himalaya, despite only one team on Everest at this time. I wish everyone a safe, and strong climb.

Kraig Becker

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