Himalaya Update: The Monsoon Isn’t Done Yet!

The latest update from MountEverest.net on the impending Fall season in the Himalaya brings news that the Monsoon Season isn’t quite over yet. The word is that heavy rains and strong winds are buffeting Kathmandu, causing flights to be canceled and roads being flooded all over the city and into the countryside.

The weather is so bad that it’s stranded Nives Meroi in Kathmandu, making her overdue to head to Makalu, her goal for the Fall season. Nives is going for her 11th 8000m peak, but due to the incessant rains, her flight to Tumlingtar has been delayed, and thus her trek to the mountain.

Meanwhile, another top woman climber, Edurne Pasaban, has left Madrid, Spain and has made her way to Kathmandu. Edurne will be going for her 10th 8000m peak as well, with her sights set squarely on Shisha Pangma. Alex Txikon is also making his way to Shisha Pangma, but by a different route. He and his crew actually DROVE from Spain to Pakistan, experiencing all kinds of crazy adventures along the way, including having their van confiscated by the Pakistani military. At the moment they’re stranded there and trying to figure out a way to complete their trip to Tibet. One thing is for certain, it’s been one helluva roadtrip already, and they’re not even to the mountain yet. Someone needs to make a movie of this. National Lampoon’s Pakistani Vacation

Finally, on Cho Oyu, the Adventure Consultants Team has had their traditional Puja Ceremony today, and are now free to climb the mountain. Tomorrow, they will move up to Camp 1 and begin that process

Kraig Becker

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