Keen Footwear Presents Hybrid.Pedal

title hybridpedal
Check out this preview of a documentary about Hybrid.Pedal, a 14 day, 900 mile bike ride that took place from July 25th to August 7th of this year. The event was sponsored by number of outdoor focused companies, including Keen Footwear to raise awareness of conservation issues.

The ride began in Portland, Oregon, and ended in Salt Lake City, with the entire thing filmed along the way. Judging form the preview it looks like it was a fun ride that combined cycling in some amazing outdoor areas with meeting interesting people along the way and capturing slices of everyday life.

The film, which will appear online soon, is meant to promote The Conservation Alliance, a non-profit group of outdoor businesses dedicated to protecting wild places for their habitat and recreation value. You know, all the places we love to explore and play in. The list of members in the Conservation Alliance is actually quite impressive, with likes of the American Alpine Institute, Camelbak, Mountain Hardwear and many many more, including of course Keen.

It looks like the film should be a enjoyable, and the Conservation Alliance has a great mission. It looks like a cause that we can all get behind.

Kraig Becker

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