NG Hosts The Best Mountain Photos of 2007

1 461 has posted the Best Mountain Photos of 2007 as selected last weeks at the Banff Mountain Centre, in Canada.

Overall, there were 18 photos selected, with National Geographic showing off 7 on their site. The ones that are already on display are each amazing in their own way. Great shots of mountain life, with vivid, sometimes striking colors. Looking at these makes me want to be a better photographer, which says something in itself. Great stuff.

My personal favorite is the grand prize winner, shown here. It almost doesn’t look real.

Thanks to the GoBlog for the link to all the winners. Even more amazing.

Update: I just realized, as I was making another post, that this one marks my 1500th blog post. Thanks to everyone who keeps reading. It’s very much appreciated!

Kraig Becker

7 thoughts on “NG Hosts The Best Mountain Photos of 2007”

  1. Wow. 1500. Your an old man when it comes to You have been around quite a bit longer than I have. When are we going to get “The Best of The Adventure Blog” book?

  2. Just do like Aerosmith…Everytime your write a great story, put out a new “greatest hits”…that will keep the money rolling in..might even pay for that bus trip to Australia that all of us are counting on you to pay for..haha.

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