Polar Update: Thomas Finally Home, Borge Still Going

ThePoles.com has posted another update on the Polar adventure of Thomas Ulrich and Børge Ousland. It seems like I’ve been posting on these two for a very long time, and yet they’re just now finishing out the home stretch.

You’ll recall that they set out on May 1st from the North Pole, to re-trace the footsteps of famed Nordic explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen. The trip was to begin at the Pole, and move South across the arctic, by foot and kayak. Then, entering Franz Josef Land in Siberia, a remote and seldom visited region, they would continue their journey until they reached Cape Flora, where they would be taken by ship for home.

Now, after months of travel, Ulrich has finally reached that home in Switzerland, where has already begun the transition back to normal life. The two legendary arctic explorers were picked up at Cape Flora on August 13th, and then made their way, aboard the sailing ship Athene to Murmansk to complete some paperwork. From there, they set off for the North Cape in Norway, where they parted company. Three days later, Ulrich was home, while his friend and companion continues to make his way to Oslo, traveling this time by bike.

All told, the men spent 85 days retracing the historic path of Nansen and Johansen before reaching Cape Flora. It was another week and a half before they were retrieved from that point, followed by a week mostly spent at sea. For Ulrich, he’s happy to be home, for now, with his wife and three daughters, but Ousland is still peddling his way back to Oslo. Hey Borge! It’s ok to take the train. Really!

Great work guys, and another amazing adventure. What’s next for you two? I know you won’t be able to handle temperatures above freezing for too long. 😉

Kraig Becker

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