Primal Quest Close To Announcing Race Location

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The race is still a mere 282 days away, but the build-up for next year’s Primal Quest continues a pace, with a nice teaser post appearing on the official site’s news section last night.

The post reminds us that past races have been held in Telluride, CO (2002), Lake Tahoe, CA (2003), the San Juan Islands of Washington State (2004), and most recently Moab, Utah (2006). Each of the locations offered a unique, and interesting race environment, very different from one another, and each showcasing a different part of the Western United States. The real tease comes when the post ends like this:

Where will teams race next summer? Stay tuned to this site as the location of the 5th Edition of Primal Quest is soon to be announced.

Speculation has been running rampant that the location of the 2008 edition of Primal Quest would be announced around the middle of September, with a number of theories as to where the final destination will land. There are some indications that it might be Colorado, and yet others that point to Montana. Other states that have made the way through the grapevine included Idaho, Wyoming, and recently Arizona as well.

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess as to wear the race will end up. From what we’ve heard, PQ CEO Don Mann has had course designers draw up plans in EACH of the states, so that they would be ready to go no matter which venue was selected. One thing that we do know is that the course will be long, challenging, and most likely surround by some of the most amazing scenery in North America.

Stay tuned! It seems will have the location very soon…

Kraig Becker

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